Mark Creedon Memorial Race | About Mark
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About Mark

Mark Creedon

(1977 – 2011)

Mark was the oldest of Brian and Andrea’s five children. He was born in Brockton on April 7, 1977–a birthday he shared with his grandfather, Richard Pratt. A lifelong resident of Brockton, Mark was a 1995 graduate of Cardinal Spellman High School. He went on to complete his degree in economics at UMass Boston while also working at the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Brockton. From there, Mark pursued his passion for the law. He attended law school at night while working as a law clerk at the Plymouth County District Attorney’s office in Brockton. At the time of his death, Mark was in his final semester at UMass Dartmouth School of Law, which posthumously awarded him his Juris Doctorate in May of 2011 along with his graduating class.


Mark was the consummate older brother,


always looking out for his younger siblings and trying to teach them lessons in life and law at every opportunity. In particular, he found great enjoyment in educating them and debating with them about the law. Beyond the law and debate, Mark took great enjoyment in family activities. Whether it was a trip to the beach, a game of Trivial Pursuit, a round of golf or a run in “the Park,” Mark was happiest when he was with his family and friends.


On February 12, 2011, Mark passed away at the age of 33 from a bacterial infection called necrotizing fasciitis and the resulting septic shock it caused in his body.


Mark is missed, but he will never be forgotten. Let his life be a guiding light for all of us to remember the importance of loving family and friends, selflessly serving others, pursuing our passions, and trying to make a difference in the world.

Why the #6 on the shirts?

We have received many questions as to why the number six (“6”) adorns the back of each of the race t-shirts. This is a good question. On our father’s side of the family we have 19 first cousins and when we all got together in one location we were more than a crowd. Then, throw in the rest of the people at the beach or the barbecue and keeping track of all of us while we were running around was a logistical nightmare. So when we were children, in an effort to easily identify us in these crowds, our Aunt Geri had yellow t-shirts made with the name “Creedon” in green font on the front and the “number of birth order” on the back. Mark was the 6th oldest cousin, hence the number 6. This is a tradition that still continues today and has even expanded to the next generation.

8th Annual Mark Creedon Memorial Run/Walk

April 7, 2018

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